ClientMate is a comprehensive client database system designed to assist Accountants and other professionals to maintain up-to-date client information and communicate with any category of clients with ease.

This information can easily be maintained and shared within an office network. The ClientMate:Database should form the hub of the professional office to which all networked users have access. Client details are thus available to all staff members.

  • One database with all Client information
  • Link clients to their CC’s, Pty’s, Trusts etc.
  • Audit trail of database changes
  • Create ‘standard’ letters, e-mails and SMS’s
  • Personalise letters, e-mails and SMS’s using merge tokens
  • Create secured / encrypted PDF letters for e-mail attachments
  • Unlimited user-defined categories of clients
  • Send bulk communications to any client category
  • Full correspondence history logs
  • CIPC annual return management using lists / letters / e-mails
  • Client birthday lists / letters /e-mails
  • Import/export data from/to Excel
  • Multiple mailing lists
  • Search database on names, e-mail address, telephone numbers
# Users: 2 5 10 20
ClientMate R 2700 R 4000 R 5000 R 6500
ClientMate: Tax R 5400 R 8000 R 10000 R 13000
ClientMate: Time R 5400 R 8000 R 10000 R 13000
ClientMate: Tax & Time R 8100 R 12000 R 15000 R 19500

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