Install AutoMate Excel Add-in

Almost there!  We just need to install the AutoMate Excel add-in!

Excel Settings

Start Excel and open the main menu, than click the “Options” button.

Go to the Trust Center section, then click “Trust Center Settings”.

Go to Trusted Locactions and click “Add New Location”.

Set the path to the AudMate5 folder, and make sure “Subfolders are also trusted” is ticked.

Make sure the new trusted location shows up in the list.

We’re done with settings, you can go ahead and close all the Excel windows.

Install the Add-in

Make sure all Excel windows are closed, then start AuditMate.  On the AuditMate Launcher, click the “AccountsMate” button.

Click “Yes”.

Click “Yes” again.

Click “Okay”

All done!  You’ve successfully installed and setup the AutoMate Excel add-in!

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