Download and Install

You can download AuditMate from the Downloads page, click “Download Program” under AuditMate.

If you’re installing AccountsMate, you still need to download the AuditMate file.


You can run the install file as soon as it’s finished downloading.

The AuditMate Installer will start, you can click Next until it finishes.


If you try running AuditMate now, you’ll get an error:

“This copy of AuditMate / AccountsMate is not licensed for this computer. Please re-register the software.”

Let’s fix that!  Start AuditMate and click the OK button.  You’ll get to a registration screen like this.

Fill in your Company Name, Your Name, Your E-mail address and your Contact Tel. No.

If you’re registering an AccountsMate licence, make sure the “Register as AccountsMate” tick box is ticked.

Click “Online Licence Request”.

If there’s a licence available for you, AuditMate will issue your licence and restart.  You’ll now have access to the full program.

Licence could not be issued

If AuditMate can’t find a licence for you, you’ll get a message saying:

“Automatic licence could not be issued.
Please check your details above and re-try.
This has been escalated to IT Mates support who will respond shortly.”

Usually means that you’ve typed your company name incorrectly, or the AccountsMate tick box was meant to be ticked, check that everything is correct and try again.

If everything is correct, then we’ll send you an email from us letting you know what’s gone wrong as soon as we can.

If you get an email from us saying that your licence has been issued, but your program is still saying that it’s unregistered, just do another request and it will register.

Almost there!  We just need to install the AutoMate Excel add-in!

Excel Add-in

Excel Settings

Start Excel and open the main menu, than click the “Options” button.

Go to the Trust Center section, then click “Trust Center Settings”.

Go to Trusted Locactions and click “Add New Location”.

Set the path to the AudMate5 folder, and make sure “Subfolders are also trusted” is ticked.

Make sure the new trusted location shows up in the list.

We’re done with settings, you can go ahead and close all the Excel windows.

Install the Add-in

Make sure all Excel windows are closed, then start AuditMate.  On the AuditMate Launcher, click the “AccountsMate” button.

Click “Yes”.

Click “Yes” again.

Click “Okay”

All done!  You’ve successfully installed and setup the AutoMate Excel add-in!